Our consultants are carefully selected certified personal leader coaches and are located all over the country. There are many of us and together we can carry out large tasks.

How do I become a leader coach in the Day2Day network?

The first steps in the process of becoming a certified leader coach in our network is always a personal interview where you and a representative of Day2Day talk about experiences, driving forces, human outlook, business acumen, values, etc. During the process, you provide some references so that we can get a good , fair image of who you are.

When both parties have decided to start working together, a license agreement is signed between Day2Day and the company of the prospective leader trainer. The agreement regulates the relationship/rules of the game between the parties, who is responsible for what, rights, obligations, fees, etc. After the license agreement is written, the certification training starts. You will then receive a consultant as your personal leadership coach during the certification. During a period of about 8 weeks, you have a number of meetings together with your head coach. The certification starts with background to the program, continues with method/process and review of the material’s various components.

The certification includes modules such as “the coaching leadership trainer” and “the business development leadership trainer” – everything so that you have the best possible conditions to succeed as a leadership trainer with us. The last part of the certification is that you, as a new leader trainer, run the program on a training client. This delivery can be started during the certification when you have worked through chapter 3 together with your certifying leader trainer.

Business model

Our business model is based on Day2Day Leadership AB creating the conditions for consultants in our network to do good business. Day2Day as a company will be successful if our consultants succeed in delivering good leadership training to their clients.

The licensee pays an annual fee per consultant per year. In the first year, the cost of the certification training is added.

The leader trainer sets his own price to the customer. D2D provides recommendations/examples of what pricing looks like in the network.

For each program sold, the licensee pays a fixed price.

When can I start selling the Leadership Arena?

You can start selling the program immediately and can quickly start delivering leadership training up to the chapter you passed in the certification and the training client.