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Consultants and Personal Leadership-Trainers (PLTs)

Our consultants are based in Sweden and Norway. Together we are a strong group of professionals with the ablity to deliver large and small assignments both in Scandinavia and internationally.

Please contact us, and we will help you find your Personal Leadership Trainer!

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High quality through continous learning

To guarantee high quality in our assignments all our consultants must pass our initial certification course. They also need to take part in our internal program for continuous learning and knowledge sharing:

  • Regular development sessions with focus on deepening the knowledge in our leadership programs and concepts.
  • Learning from customer feedback.
  • Further reading of related literature.
  • Competence development in Personal Leadership-Training methodology and coaching.
  • Experience sharing with colleagues.


Kim Karhu
+46 (0)73 390 50 10


Annette Runsteen
+46 (0)70 554 56 83