The Leadership Arena

The Leadership Arena is a leadership program combining the power of individual coaching and knowledge building through a structured leadership material.

Our Personal Leadership-Trainers (PLTs) will work long term (approximately 10-12 months) together with the leader to ensure real and sustainable growth.


Goals & relationships

The heart of the program is the development of two significant competences that are critical to successful leadership:

  • Goal-focused approach to day2day business
  • The ability to build strong relationships with key people


The method that works!

The program is made up of four components to ensure the best possible development of your leadership.


Inspiring texts in the work book will guide you through theories, tools and best practices in a number of leadership areas such as goal process, motivation & communication.


The program provides a framework for regular personal reflection that will develop your personal leadership and increase your creativity and strategic capability.

Day2day training

Not only knowing – but doing. You will be prompted to apply the learning from each area to your own situation by taking concrete actions. Successful leadership comes from training.

Personal Leadership-Trainer (PLT)

Your Personal Leadership Trainer will encourage and challenge you to take your leadership to the next level. Your PLT will follow up on your action plan and provide new perspectives and support in your specific situation.



Some examples of areas covered in the program:

  • Personal leadership & values
  • Invest in your strengths
  • What do you really want?
  • Leadership through objectives
  • Day2Day Motivation Circle
  • Communication & feedback
  • Leadership & influence
  • Prioritisation
  • Delegation

Your Leadership Area: who are the key people & how to collaborate?


Coaching We provide different types of coaching e.g. Executive coaching  Support for managers and staff related to organizational change. Life coaching   Please contact us for more information.  

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