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Welcome to Day2Day!

Our passion is
to develop and to be developed

Our motive is that

we believe in each person's
ability to develop

Day2Day Leadership

Leadership for real
- every day

Leadership programs for
leaders who want to grow!

We have a firm belief in every person´s capacity to develop. We are all unique. We find our own true self when we refrain from striving to become someone else. This is the basis of good leadership.


We provide different types of coaching e.g.
Executive coaching - Support for managers and staff related to organizational change. Life coaching

Please contact us for more information.

Successful leaders

Our definition of a successful leader is that there is a burning desire to help others, that's what separates the successful leader from the ordinary boss.

Development of management teams

Leadership teams & groups
If you need development for your team, please contact us for more information.

Leadership teams & groups

Leadership is perishable

We help leaders to develop and we know that leadership is a perishable commodity, states our name Day2Day Leadership.


We offer seminars on different topics within the leadership delopement and personal development field. Please contact us for more information.


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